Company overview

Keyring Network was incorporated in the UK in early 2022 to build an institutional-grade compliance solution for blockchains. We first targeted financial institutions looking to securely access DeFi. We operate at the intersection of traditional and blockchain-based finance, serving as an institutional-grade gateway to channel assets, capital, and users on-chain.

Mission statement

‍Keyring's mission is to unlock the potential of digital assets. We seek to transform the way sensitive information is shared to enhance connectivity. We make reusing data easier via a custom language and the use of zk proofs. This framework makes programmable rule-based permissioning possible across data silos to promote interoperability.

Why us?

Industry understanding with founders’ background at global banks
Team's technical expertise including in smart contracts and zero-knowledge
Product packed with cutting-edge, institutional-grade features and safeguards
Flexible implementation options to maximise value for partners
Future-proof framework with upgradable, programable compliance
Trusted by blue-chip institutions, including Laser Digital as the first user

Our team

Our advisors

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