We equip financial platforms with permissioning tools to guarantee compliant transactions on-chain using zero-knowledge proofs. Get the tools to make compliance fully programmable.

Client tools

Unburden your operations. Define your policies and let your customers onboard via custom web forms or reusing previously shared information.

User Flow

Users post their compliance status on-chain in the form of a zero-knowledge credential. No personal information is ever put on-chain.


Fit for all user types. You can connect any data source and build your own compliance rules. You can even integrate external compliance vendors to delegate part of the checks, leveraging Keyring as an orchestration solution.

No more missing out on new user pools.

Easily add/edit rules and automatically enforce changes. Cluster your users based on their attributes. 

No more time & resources dedicated to highly manual operations.

Flexible integration options to choose from to fit every need.

No more time spent on building custom solutions and missing out on opportunities. 

Build solid onboarding flows, monitor users' compliance status and keep their data secure via zero knowledge. Apply thoughtful permissioning at the smart contract level. 

No more compromise on compliance solutions.


Connect to any data source and build your own custom set of rules in a standardised format.

Keyring Pro icon

Pro: Gather user data via custom onboarding form or use your own database

Internal compliance desk
Compliance partner (KYC, KYB, AML, KYW, custom checks)
Keyring Connect icon

Connect: Gather verified data from any third-party website via Keyring’s extension

Third-party website

Define eligibility criteria and route user data to the right place for verification.

Continuous monitoring
Reusable onboarding
ZKPs for multi-wallet privacy
Institutional-grade security

Restrict on-chain actions to users with valid credentials, proof they meet the criteria you set.

Smart contract pre-trade authorization
Works across any chain or primitive
Flexible integration
Simple hook options with little to no re-audit